Advantages of Franchising

The pandemic changed the way we look at work, life, and the work/life balance. Layoffs, furloughs, and working from home forced many of us to re-evaluate the stability of our current career path.

Some took the opportunity to take online courses and make a career change while others decided to take their future into their own hands and start a new business. But starting a business on your own can be very challenging and many Mom & Pop shops didn’t have the resources and support to navigate the pitfalls of the last couple of years.

Advantages of the Franchise Model

  • Turnkey nature

  • Instant credibility

  • Quick setup

  • Large support and resource system

  • Historically resistant to market volatility

A franchise solves many of the challenges that entrepreneurs face when taking the plunge and becoming their own boss. The turnkey nature of the business gives the owner instant credibility through training, marketing support, professional branding, guidance, and the ability to be up and operating more quickly than if going it alone. While independent businesses may have had to close last year because they couldn’t adapt to the changes from the pandemic, many franchised businesses were able to weather the storm because of the larger support and resource system a franchise provides.

As a franchisee, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. This idea appeals to many people who were laid off or furloughed and felt powerless when they heard the news. And while no business is 100% recession or pandemic proof, home care franchises have been historically resistant to the volatility of the market. This has been especially true over the past 18 months as people are spending more time AND money at home.

Pool service is one home industry that is seeing a spike in its upward growth trend. Pools are getting more use as families spend more time at home and they are looking for experts to keep the pool healthy. The Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise has come on the scene at a perfect time to capitalize on this opportunity.

If you are looking to take control of your career and be your own boss in a growing sector of the home care world, call Robert Mitchell at 865-924-2203.