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Pool Care Business Lanes

Grow at your own pace.

Business ownership can offer the opportunity to build equity and semi-passive income all while maintaining your full-time career. Or, you can choose a business where you can be your own boss, earn a living, and grow at your own pace in an industry you’re passionate about and in an environment you enjoy. One of the key benefits of the Ultra Pool Care Squad business model is that our franchise opportunity provides a pathway for either of those types of business owners. Through the Ultra Pool Care Squad owner-operator model and the multi-unit model, franchise owners can develop scalable businesses that satisfy their investment motives and entrepreneurial goals.

When you look at opportunities to grow your investment, investing in yourself through business ownership generally has the potential for a higher return than other avenues. As a business owner, you have more control over your investment than if your money was invested in the stock market or real estate. An owner’s sweat equity working in and on their business can have a direct positive impact on their investment.

Lane 1

The Ultra Pool Care Squad offers multiple lanes for your new pool care business. You can start with one van and be your own boss, growing at you own pace and then adding another Pool Tech and van in the future.

Lane 2

You can jump right in with multiple vans and hire Pool Techs to service the routes as you build your customer base and manage the team.

Lane 3

Or, maybe you have an existing pool route and you’re looking to get the professional image, marketing support, and brand power that comes with the Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise. We welcome you to contact us so we can explain how the Ultra Pool Care Squad can help you and your business.



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