Making a splash: empowering working moms through ownership of their own ultra pool franchise

Empowering Working Moms Through Ownership of their Own Ultra Pool Franchise

Welcoming all Mompreneurs!

Being an entrepreneur has its many advantages, but it can be challenging when you have to find the perfect fit as a working mother. Where can you achieve work-life balance while pursuing your multiple passions both at work and at home with your family?

There can be a perfect opportunity to accomplish this by considering owning your own swimming pool service business like the one offered by Ultra Pool Care Squad. You can not only set up a business that allows you to fulfill your financial goals but also gives you the flexibility of being available for your family, setting your own schedule, while also building a business that can not only benefit you but set up your family for future success.

Flexibility for Work – Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges for working mothers is finding a balance between career and family responsibilities. Owning a swimming pool cleaning services allows entrepreneurial moms a chance to set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to attend to family matters while also being able to set time aside to build their own business. The mornings and late afternoons can be spent with your family while using the “in between” hours to helping other families keep their pools clean and healthy, or better yet, allowing you to answer the phone in setting up service for your employees or perhaps dealing with paperwork and managing your financial books. The decision is yours on how you want to manage your time.

Low Start Up Costs & Scalability

Starting a swimming pool cleaning service can be very affordable, especially if you partner with Ultra Pool Care Squad. Many businesses require a heavy up-front investment but with Ultra Pool Care Squad, your initial investment is for a vehicle (which will be branded) and a technician (which can be you, if you desire.) After that, the only thing that is required is passion and energy to be successful.

The other major benefit is scalability. If you want to “stay small” and manage a business that provides good income without major headaches, you can do so within Ultra Pool Care Squad. The franchise is structured so that you can easily add more vehicles to your territory to build up your business when you are ready to do so.

An additional benefit is that you can scale up close to home. Your exclusive territory is typically within your neighborhood or local area. Going out on calls or meeting clients is usually within 30 minutes of your home office. Growing your business is close to home with limited extended travel.

Advantages of a pool franchise for working moms

Pursuing a Passion for Water and Wellness

Many working mothers are drawn to the idea of creating a business around a passion they genuinely enjoy. For those who enjoy being around water and wellness, a swimming pool cleaning service offer the perfect opportunity to merge their passion with entrepreneurship. A pool cleaning service is an essential service as you help keep pools clean, healthy, and safe. Having a clean pool also encourages people of all ages to get active, to exercise and enjoy all the health benefits that swimming can offer.

Networking and Community Building

Running a pool cleaning service opens doors for networking and community engagement. You get a chance to meet other people, both men and women, who are actively growing their own businesses. You interact with others developing partnerships such as swimming schools, swim clubs, realtors, supply stores, installers, builders, landscapers, repair techs, and accountants. That is just people you could be working with as a common business owner. You can’t imagine the variety of people you meet as you service their pools. Your customers will come from a wide variety of jobs, interests, and backgrounds. In other words, you will not be bored.


There may be nothing better than being called the CEO. You are the owner of your own business. There are no limitations for a “working woman” within the Ultra Pool Care Squad channel. You set your own agenda, determine how big (or small) you want to be.

You are not alone

Even though being an entrepreneur implies being alone, you are not when it comes to working within Ultra Pool Care Squad. You would be working within strong systems and high standards. While you are working within your own business, you are working with others who are committed as you are to making sure that you have a strong, healthy business.

Setting the Stage for a Family Legacy

As kids grow up, having them active within your Ultra Pool Care Squad will be a great way to introduce them to valuable lessons and life skills in business, financial management, commitment, and human relations. What better way to learn discipline than by being involved in the family business?

You now can offer your kids a chance to grow within the family business by starting them in your office or doing simple cleaning, helping to learn the basics of pool education. Then, they can answer phones, perform background maintenance before finally partnering with some of your technicians to actually perform cleaning duties and understand pool repairs and equipment. Eventually, they can run their own routes, be responsible for their own van and financial performance. Then, it is up to you if you want to find a way to carve them a “piece of the action” towards ownership. Eventually, at some point, you can fully transfer the business to them with the understanding that they will fully independent, strong business minds, and of course, committed to helping and supporting you in your “Consultant” role.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Many working mothers are environmentally conscious and strive to make choices that support this philosophy. A swimming pool cleaning service can be an eco-friendly business with the use of environmentally safe cleaning products and water-saving practices. By incorporating green initiatives, these entrepreneurs can attract like-minded clients and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Even the use of an electric vehicle can be one way of integrating environmental responsibility into your business. Ultra Pool Care Squad is committed to identifying new products that continue to help families in this quest and will work with their franchisees to test, pilot and hopefully, adopt the right products and systems to achieve this.

Nurturing Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

As with many other businesses, being an entrepreneur and/or business owner requires a number of problem-solving skills. Working mothers are accustomed to finding solutions to problems and are well-equipped to handle day-to-day operational issues that may arise. Whether it be managing schedules, or dealing with unexpected pool maintenance issues, you will be addressing challenges but with a smile and the knowledge that you have a team of dedicated supporters standing behind you at Ultra Pool Care Squad.

Want to Learn More About Becoming a Mompreneur?

To learn more, you only need to call (855) 85-CLEAN (855-852-5326) to be connected to our Franchise Development Department. We can provide you with more details on how our program works and give you all the necessary information to make the best decision.

Ultra Pool Care Squad is here to assist and guide you, and we value and respect the challenges that many people face in finding the right balance in both their work aspirations and their family goals.

We look forward to talking to you and exploring the full range of options available so that you can take advantage of the growing pool service business. We hope to make you a member of our growing family of entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs!