Why pool installers should offer pool servicing

5 Reasons Why Pool Installers Should Offer Pool Service

The pool service business is booming – and people will pay you for the privilege of cleaning their pools!

The past three years have seen an incredible increase in demand for pool installation and building. As interest rates have now risen to their highest level in 22 years, it is putting a damper on that enthusiasm, leaving many pool installers with holes in their schedules and wondering how they are going to be able to keep their employees busy and loyal.

If you are an installer that also offers pool service, you can better weather these economic conditions while still providing you with additional opportunities for revenue. Here are five reasons why you should be offering pool service as part of your business portfolio.

#1 People will pay you for cleaning their pools!

There are more than 100,000 residential swimming pools installed every year. That means that there are more than ten and a half millions residential pools in the United States. (Source: Pool & Hot Tub Association.) Plus, there are millions more “commercial” pools like those found in apartment and condo communities, in hotels and motels, plus in neighborhood associations. These pools need to be cleaned and they need to be cleaned in the right manner.

Cleaning pools takes time, and many families are willing to pay you so that all they can enjoy their pool. With school, work, family events and commitments, pools still demand attention and care. That is where you can provide an incredible service while also making sure that families can enjoy their pools in a safer, cleaner, and healthier manner.

#2 Recurring Income

Customers pay you on a monthly, pre-billed basis while you provide weekly service. This is a steady and consistent income that you can count on every month. The secret is staying true to your commitment which is showing up when you are scheduled and providing quality service so that you leave them with a clean, clear pool. This will not only lead to strong retention of your customer base, but it will increase with a nice flow of referrals. As these referrals tend to come from neighbors and friends in the area, you will become more efficient helping improve your operational costs and maximizing your revenue and ultimately, improve your profits.

By working with a franchise system like Ultra Pool Care Squad, you will also enjoy a higher valuation on your business and be able to charge a higher price for your professional services. A franchise system like Ultra Pool Care Squad will be able to provide you with an exclusive territory of at least 6,000 pool owners within that territory. Plus, they will provide marketing support to help you obtain these customers as well as retain them.

Working with your Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise team, they will help you with reaching out to customers to maintain a strong social media presence and assist you so that you obtain positive reviews that are posted to help you gain more customers.

#3 Gain incremental sales through diversification

Protect your business by adding new business elements. You grow by adding more customers and having a consistent source of revenue. Pool service helps you do this through not only weekly pool cleaning but also by taking advantage of pool openings and closings. You can help families repair or obtain new winter covers. Pools need equipment and, at times, these items fail or need to be updated.

If you are a gunite builder, being in pool service allows you to serve other families such as fiberglass and vinyl liner. If you are a fiberglass pool installer, this allows you to help families with gunite and vinyl liner pools. It expands your reach and allows you a chance to talk to more families which could lead to additional pool installation opportunities for friends, family, and neighbors. It also helps you keep a pulse on the market by seeing which pools have been installed and by whom.

#4 Provides you an opportunity for legacy business

There is no better business than a pool service business to help bring in family members, especially your kids. Since this can be a home-based business, they can work with the family and gain an understanding of how business is managed and operated. Eventually, they can assist with pool cleaning, pool openings and closings. It is then an easy road to running your own route and understanding how to deal with customers while providing quality service. The next step is managing employees and making sure that their service meets your high customer service expectations.

From a family point of view, it allows you to grow the business easily and provide everyone with their own piece of the action. If you decide to leave your business, you can then leave the business within the family, providing them with valuable assets and significant brand value.

If you decide to sell the business, you could sell it to family members who will treat it with the respect it deserves. Another avenue is to sell the business to an existing employee who understands the value and can assist in a smooth transition. By providing employees and family members with growing stakes within the company, you can ensure strong retention and continued growth.

#5 Stop leaving money on the table

Listen to what your customers are telling you. They want you to be in the pool service business and they want you to help them take care of their pool. For many families, they do not understand what proper pool chemistry is and understand how to best take care of their pools. You can help them do this – and get paid for doing it.

It is a great way to not only close your pool installation sale, but it is a great start to developing a long-term relationship with your customers. If your customer is going to pay for pool service, it might as well be you. Your performance ratings will also increase because of your ability to provide this service as your customers will be happier knowing that their pool is being taken care of from Day 1.

This also allows you to streamline your business. You have your division that specializes in pool installation. And now you have another division that specializes in pool service, care and repair.

You are not alone

Even though being an entrepreneur implies being alone, you are not when it comes to working within Ultra Pool Care Squad. You would be working within strong systems and high standards. While you are working within your own business, you are working with others who are committed as you are to making sure that you have a strong, healthy business. This includes providing training and support to help you keep your service business running and growing.

Ultra Pool Care Squad – at your service

We are an emerging pool care brand that can offer you exclusive territories where you want to offer service. This is the time to talk to us.

Let’s do this together

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