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Why A Home-Based Business Could Be Right For You

There’s No Place Like Home

Over the past two years, millions of people have resigned their positions in the hopes of finding something better. Some 4.5 million people left their jobs in November 2021 with almost as many people doing so in December of that year.

These were not limited to those in lower-paying, front-line jobs. It included middle-tier managers and C-level executives. The reasons are numerous and for many, it was not driven by financial needs. Instead, it’s being driven by a desire to reassess their lives so that they can re-evaluate what is important in their lives, to spend more time with loved ones, and perform work of value while building for the future.

Many of these reasons are exactly why having a home-based service business could be right for you.

Home-Based Business

Let’s start with the basic premise: that you are a home-based business. It means that you wake up and go to bed where your business is located. Today, the advancements of technology make this much easier to accomplish. Having a phone, a laptop, and setting up a place in your office to conduct business is pretty much all you need to start a home-based business.

There are a range of applications that you can use to run your business whether it be billing systems and payment programs – all from home.

Public Acceptance of Home Businesses

The public is now much more accepting of home businesses. They realize that a legitimate, strong business does not have to operate out of an office space anymore. Many people recognize that you can set up a home-based business and still offer great service. What people are most interested is making sure that they receive what was promised: great, high-quality service that you provide at their home.

Professional Look

Working with a franchise organization allows you a chance to have professional templates where your business can be showcased in the most desirable manner from business cards, social media and your own website.

Time & Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages with a home-based business is the ability to save time – or better manage your time. You have the flexibility to set your schedule. If you need time off to help at your kid’s school, you can make this happen.

You Are In Control

You are the Boss.You are the one in control of your business and your career. You can determine what is right for you at this moment in time while still providing yourself with options for a bright future. Working with a franchise system provides you with a large number of tools and resources to help you make your life much easier so that you do not have to waste valuable time, resources and money to recreate the wheel.

Consider Joining The Ultra Pool Care Squad As A Franchisee

The Ultra Pool Care Squad is now actively searching for talented people who would like to take advantage of the benefits of a home-based company. What we offer:

Pick Your Territory

By getting in now, on the ground floor, you can pick the area that you want to work in. Selecting a territory now, by your home, allows to have dramatically less time on the road and stay very close to the family and friends that most matter to you.

Large, Multi-Unit Territories

Joining us now also gives you the opportunity to develop a larger territory as a “home based owner/ manager.” Working from your home office, you can manage a much larger territory more easily. You can take advantage of our planned call center or set up your own sales response team.

If you already own another business, you can easily add another service line to your existing businesses while not adding a lot of financial demands upon you. Having multi-units makes it easier to cross-pollinate talent and cover vacation demands with minimal effort. “Bigger is better” while keeping your costs low.

Expansion Friendly

By getting in now, on the ground floor, you can pick the area that you want to work in and expand into. Selecting a territory now, by your home, allows to have dramatically less time on the road and stay very close to the family and friends that most matter to you.

This also gives you the opportunity to expand your business as you are ready to grow. Perhaps you want to have one or two routes while your kids are in school. As they grow, you may find that you now have the time to expand your business and develop more routes increasing your revenue. As your children grow into their teen years, there may be an opportunity for them to begin working within your business helping teach them about entrepreneurship and possible paving a way to join your business and grow it even further.

Recurring Revenue Model

Many businesses force you to “always be selling.” You must continually advertise and promote to encourage prospects to buy your product(s.) One of the key benefits of our service business is the knowledge that once you make a sale, you can keep it simply by performing the services you have promised. You are offering a service that people need to maintain and are happy to pay for. That is, of making sure that their pool is clean, safe, and healthy. It is a source of pride that their pool looks great and is ready for use at any time. Our customers sign up for programs that provide you to return every week to maintain their pools and spas with a monthly payment program that is automatically billed and allows for automatic payments. This provides you with the ability to plan your budgets with greater authority and to demonstrate the true value within your business.

Your Primary Product Is You

You don’t have to worry about whether your product is high-quality or not. That’s because you are the primary product. If you believe in yourself, have a great work ethic and enjoy helping others, then success is virtually guaranteed. Our research has found that many customers simply want their pool care technicians to show up as agreed to, and to make sure that their pools are in great condition, ready for another week of swimming and enjoyment. You are the product that they are hiring and with a great smile, great attitude and commitment to customer service, you will be the best product on the market.

As you service more families, you will be provided with numerous referrals. Your customers will become your advocates and promote YOU to their friends and neighbors. It’s an easy way of growing your business in a methodical and careful manner.

Fewer Payroll Headaches – Minimal Employees

You don’t have to worry about having a large of employees to hire, train and monitor. That’s because one employee can manage a large route for you.

You do not need to hire people who work and manage your accounting, marketing, logistics, or human resources because you have that resource within the UPCS Corporate Office.

No Brick-and-Mortar

You don’t have to spend money to rent, lease or buy an office or property to work out of. In many states, you can deduct a certain portion of your home for “office use” and perhaps save money on your taxes (please consult with a local tax advisor for guidance and details.)

You don’t have to worry about a commute to the office, wasting gas and valuable time in travel back and forth. This gives you more time to be at home with your family or perhaps take the kids to school or events (whether it be a sports event or school program.)

You don’t have to worry about setting up office space and investing money in furniture, utilities and parking spaces. You are free from the headaches that an office/ building demands and instead, you can focus on investing in your Ultra Pool Care Van which serves as a traveling billboard for your business while you are driving to clients and events.

Not A Restaurant

The hours that you need to spend within a restaurant can be crazy. There is opening the restaurant, and getting prep work done before you open the doors. There are demands placed by customers with their orders. There are numerous legal and safety restrictions you have when dealing with food. Of course, there is always the major concern in making sure that no customer gets sick or hurt from visiting your location. Not to mention the well-being of your employees – and then working long hours and weekends to serve your customers.

With the Ultra Pool Care Squad, you may not even need to meet many of your customers. You can visit their homes while they are working or you can clean their pools and spas while they are inside their house. It provides for a much healthier working environment while giving you the freedom to relax and simply do your job.

Weekly, Route-Based Business

Another advantage to our business is the ability to set a schedule in advance. You know that every Monday, you will be visiting these homes, in this order. Every Wednesday, you can schedule visits during these hours. While there may be some “emergencies,” for the most part, you can enjoy a very comfortable schedule and adjust as needed.

Service Based Revenue

Having a home-based business that is focused on service also means that you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of specific inventory. You have basic equipment that you will need and some chemicals, but it does not require a lot of storage. Most of these items can be stored within your work vans and not take up space within your home and garage.

The added advantage of a service business is that you can continue to grow in your knowledge and talents. At first, you will maintain swimming pools and spas. You will open and close pools. You will grow into the repair business. You could grow into the warranty service business. Eventually, you can add other skills to provide additional services such as replacement swimming pool covers, adding tile to pools, or perhaps even managing landscaping around the pool, if desired.

Working within the Ultra Pool Care Squad framework, we provide you with a template to manage, monitor and deliver your services. This will help promote you with your customers, assure that they understand the high quality you are delivering, and position you as the best service provider within the pool care industry.

Franchise Support & Assistance

The Ultra Pool Care Squad is here to support you. Whether you are an Owner/ Operator or the CEO of your own business that oversees multiple routes, our corporate team is ready to provide you with the support you need. Taking advantage of a franchise system frees you from many of the worries of running a daily business while providing you with numerous opportunities to expand and grow your business.

Special Note For Veterans: 50% Off Franchise Fee

We are proud to offer Veterans a “50% off” your initial franchise fee as our way of saying “Thank you for your service.” We would be even prouder to welcome you into our family because we know that you understand perseverance, hard work and the grit you need to run your own business. We invite you to contact us so that we can work together in a new line of service so that more families can be safe, healthy, and happy in their own backyards.

Call Us Now To See If We’re The Right Home-Based Business For You

We are ready to answer your questions and be of service to you. Tell us what your personal goals and objectives are and let’s see how the Ultra Pool Care Squad can help you accomplish them. Right now is the right time to talk to us since we are a growing business that has the capability to adjust to better meet your demands and concerns.

Call our Franchise Development Officer, Robert Mitchell at (865) 237-9424. Or you can reach out to him via email at [email protected].

We look forward to the conversation and working together to keep the world clean, healthy, and safe.